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Did you see this?

So just in case something got lost in all of the info I sent you, I wanted to follow up.  Whether you are starting as a Sales Rep (ZERO COST) or Sales Rep & Trainer (license fee) with us, you can start with no money up front.  The pay schedules are:

Sales Reps Make:

$100 per Rep Package

$150 per Plus Package

$300 per Elite Package

Sales Rep ZERO cost CLICK HERE

Sales Rep & Trainers Make:

$750 per Rep Package
$1000 per Plus Package
$1750 per Elite Package + $18,000 per APS & $500 a Month Residual Income + 50% Monthly Commission on TW3APP Sales + $75 Monthly Residual per Active Client

The way we are able to help you as a Sales Rep & Trainer get started with no upfront cost is through using TW3EZPay. Our underwriters will finance the start up cost to get the software, systems, and training you need. This is a great way to get started earning money now, get paid, and then pay the start up cost through the cash flow of your earnings. 

You do have to get approved through TW3EZPay, but it’s a soft credit pull so it won’t hurt your credit to apply, and you can get approved quickly, and get started ASAP. GUARANTEED APPROVAL! To take advantage of this opportunity:

Just go to TW3EZPay and be sure to put my name Laurie Brown, complete the application, and submit.  You’ll receive an email with your approval and invoice.  Just follow the directions in the email.

Once you’re finished, we’ll go ahead and get you access to your Software Franchise Products so you can start your training.

Call me (Laurie Brown) so we can set up a time to train.

Which one should you start with?
Here’s what you need to to know:

Rep Membership Package – If you are simply interested in re-selling our system, and training new members as well as training sales reps you bring on then this package is all you need.

Plus Membership Package – If you want to train & sell the system, as well as use it to promote your own business, start performing Referral Marketing Package and Affiliate Marketing then this is the package you’ll want. (I recommend this package if at all possible)

Elite Membership Package – If your desire is to do all of the above, plus build your own agency with earning residual income from every member you bring on, have your own online store, and have the tools to do podcast & other high end marketing, this is your package. For the high income earners, this is what you need. And now you can also sell our Agency Platform System to earn $12,000 per sale!



What’s included in each package?
CLICK HERE to see an itemized list & other FAQ’s

Sign up within the next 24 hours, and I will enroll you for FREE OF CHARGE in my 2 day fast track training. This is normally an additional $250, but will offer this as a 1 time offer to get in on this special training. I am a TW3 Elite Member.


So are people really making money with this?

CLICK HERE to see BBB A Rating and what recent reps are saying.

How do I know this is not a scam?

The number one question people ask when they are considering on boarding with us as a member is, “how do I know this is legit”? I totally get this question, as there are a LOT of nefarious charlatans online. So here is what you need to know:

  1. Notice Terry Wilson’s business is under his name. If he intended on defrauding people he sure wouldn’t use his own name. He would of come up with some snazzy name like, “The Super Duper Lead Rocket Business”. Terry does business under his own name, so you know that he stands behind everything.

EVERYTHING at Terrywilson3 is in writing. People who are trying to deceive people online won’t dare put anything in writing as they are then held accountable to their end of the bargain. Our terms & conditions are listed in writing at

Terry Wilson has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, and in this current business since 2009. People operate in nefarious business practices, especially online don’t last that long.

  1. While we are not a member, the BBB has given us an A rating. CLICK HERE to see.

It’s important to Terry Wilson that people considering on boarding with us have a full understanding of our business, what we do, what we offer, how we operate, and what they can expect. Terry Wilson is someone who just in recent years lost a business due to the housing marketing crash, He knows what it’s like to be vulnerable to online scam artist. That is why he produced a training video to help people avoid these scams. CLICK HERE to see that training.

Agent Name Laurie Brown
TW3 Career Path Specialist
Office (Sales): (210) 940-4340

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