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Why Has TW3 Worked for So
Many Businesses for Over a Decade?

Lead Generation

Unlimited leads on demand. Never cold call, buy bad leads, or pester your friends, family, and foes for referrals again.

24hr Training Access

Members have 24 hr access to our massive library of video training.

Recruiting Platform

Use our lead generation strategies to target agents and professionals that add value to your business.

Business Strategy

Not every target market is the same. Our training provides multiple ways to work in different business verticals.

Technology Driven

We stay up-to-date with what techniques and new software are getting results!

One on One Coaching

Plus and Elite members will have access to one-on-one coaching. 

The 5 Advantages of TW3 to Professional Agents and Sales People

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Feedback from Our Members

We have over ten years of experience with top business professionals

Jamal B

Plus Sales Rep

Terry helped me get started in the insurance business when I was broke with no job. Years later I saw he had left the business to go full time into offering business consulting and lead generation. I started listening to him and immediately decided to jump in with him. He has never lead me wrong and while I was making really good money with insurance, he managed to help me triple my income last year. Terry and TW3 is the real deal, period.

Traci M.

Elite Sales Rep

Before I met Terry I gave up on trying to have an online business. I am so tech-tarded I didn't think I would ever find a program that I could ever hope to making money with. 7 years later I'm making A GREAT LIVING and do nothing but answer a phone and read a script.​


Insurance & Plus Rep​

Terry saved my insurance business plain and simple. I was buying God awful leads being peddled by my manager. I went out on my own and just struggled. Then I heard this funny sounding guy talking at a Mutual of Omaha sales training in Atlanta on how you could generated unlimited leads for any business if you only had the tools. I was skeptic, but then when I looked what I was spending on terrible leads verses what I could pay one time and get unlimited leads it started to make sense. I've since gone full time just selling Terry's system and doing RMP as it's way easier and more lucrative then insurance, but it's nice to know if I ever wanted to do insurance I could and know I would be successful because I could generate leads anytime I wanted.

Bobby B.

Elite Trainer​

I've been a member of TW3 for over 5 years now. As an ELT member with over 300 clients I can tell you the $50 per mo, per client is very attractive. I've tried several online programs, but Terry has created the greatest program I've ever seen. Anyone can do this business if they'll simply follow the plan that's laid out for you.

Have A Business That Fits You

Your interest, experience, and career goals are unique to you. Join a business that allows you to build a career around your individual personal and professional goals.

Find a track within the TW3 business that resonates with you. With thousands of products, hundreds of businesses, and multiple business models you can rest assured a business can be designed to fit your individual needs.

Unlimited Income

With products that pay at a minimum of $750 and as much as $18,000 on some high ticket items, the sky is the limit. With over 10 years of online success and thousands of reps using our platform to build their own lucrative business, you could be our next success story. 


some Other ways Professionals Earn with the TW3 Platform

Sell the TW3 Platform

As a Sales Rep & Trainer earn commissions from $750 to $1500 per sale. Leads call you. No cold calling.

Referral Marketing

Plus and Elite members can refer leads to various job, business, finance, and product opportunities and get paid.

Recruit Sales Reps

Leverage your time and resources by creating a sales team. All Sales Rep and Trainers can hire their own sales reps.

Residual Income

Elite members are paid $50 a month for every active member they have recruited. 10 accounts equal $500 a month and so on.

Lead Broker

Become that go-to lead resource businesses depend on. Insurance, Real Estate, Law Firms to list a few. All pay well for good leads.

Enterprise Sales

Elite members are able to sell our APS  package. Offered to agency owners who want their own platform. The commission is $18k.

Invest in your business!

Why TW3?

There are several business solutions, consulting firms, marketing agencies, and business opportunities to choose from. However, there is no platform like TW3 that ties all of the various business assets, tools, and training together within a single product. After 11 years of doing A-rated business, our clients have all of the tools, training, and technology they need for success.

Use TW3's proven system and years of experience to grow your business.

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