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10 Reasons Terrywilson3 is NOT a scam

Is TW3 a scam?

How Do I Know This is Not a Scam?

The number one question people ask when they are considering on boarding with us as a member is, “how do I know this is legit”? I totally get this question, as there are a LOT of nefarious charlatans online. So here is what you need to know:

  1. Notice Terry Wilson’s business is under his name. If he intended on defrauding people he sure wouldn’t use his own name. He would of come up with some snazzy name like, “The Super Duper Lead Rocket Business”. Terry does business under his own name, so you know that he stands behind everything.

  2. EVERYTHING at Terrywilson3 is in writing. People who are trying to deceive people online won’t dare put anything in writing as they are then held accountable to their end of the bargain. Our terms & conditions are listed in writing at

  3. Terry Wilson has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, and in this current business since 2009. People operate in nefarious business practices, especially online don’t last that long.

While we are not a member, the BBB has given us an A rating. CLICK HERE to see.

It’s important to Terry Wilson that people considering on boarding with us have a full understanding of our business, what we do, what we offer, how we operate, and what they can expect. Terry Wilson is someone who just in recent years lost a business due to the housing marketing crash, He knows what it’s like to be vulnerable to online scam artist. That is why he produced a training video to help people avoid these scams:

Article by Trevor Eisenman

When I got serious about researching and finding an additional source of income I could do from home, about a year ago, I had already lost $2,500 on a company that was “legit” in that they weren’t doing anything illegal, but it was a poor business model. 

I had gotten involved (about 4 years ago) because a good friend of mine was a member and recommended it highly. After I had been in for a few months, she dropped out. Apparently, it wasn’t for her.

I followed suit shortly afterward. Why? Because even though they had a “great” package of training materials for online marketing, most of the members focused only on selling the package, instead of using the training materials to generate leads.

Oddly, some of the big guys in that company bragged that they only sold the packages instead of using their own system. But to me, it was just money changing hands if no one was using the lead generation strategies.

I was truly interested in generating leads. Hey, it’s the biggest barrier most companies or the self-employed face! If you can’t get new customers, you’re going to be dead in the water. I’d learned to do some online marketing and social media marketing (mostly blogging) but not to my satisfaction. I sure didn’t feel like I could generate good, quality leads on demand.

After many, many hours of pouring over Craigslist ads trying to find some kind of worthwhile income source, I stumbled across an ad that sounded like a real possibility. I didn’t quite understand how it all worked, but I could tell from the testimonials and research I did that people were indeed making money.

And good money! So, I jumped in and waded through the training. Mostly I focused on getting on the phone, followed the basic lead generation strategy and talked to as many as 20 people a day. Within 4-5 months I’d generated over $8,000 in commissions. So that leads me to the first point of my 10 reasons TW3 isn’t a scam:

  1. It works.
    • I followed the training, I did the work, I got leads, some of them closed, I made back my investment many times over in just a few months.
    • After proving to myself conclusively that the lead generation strategies were effective, I applied a tiny percentage of what I had learned to marketing my music school. My enrollments quadrupled that month. In fact, I had so many new starts for the next 3 months that I had to revisit my registration process and hire more teachers.
  2. Ownership stated loud and clear.
    • If a company isn’t legit, why would the owner name it after himself? One of the first things that attracted my attention was this fact: Terry not only stands behind his company, but in front of it too (literally). Action is louder than words. Why would someone run a scam for 11+ years with his name all over it? Doesn’t make any sense (but in a good way).
    • On the flip side, “real” scams hide their source if possible, to avoid legal action.
  3. Sell without purchasing first.
    • Know any free scams? I don’t. Anyone who can’t afford to purchase reseller rights through a TW3 package can start for free as an Affiliate Sales Rep. No pressure to purchase. Part of our training from Terry is to carefully make sure to avoid financial stress due to inappropriate purchases.
  4. You can’t fake culture.
    • OK, maybe culture can be faked. I’ve heard stories from guys that used to work for a certain mouse. But an online-based company with thousands of unrelated members in remote locations who arrived via online advertising are happy because they are making money. All the proof is in the Monday night live podcasts. None of those people are fake, and they talk about their success (and failures) openly.
    • Last time I checked I wasn’t a fake person. I found success with TW3. I talk about it and write reviews so other people can make their own decisions. I’m happy because it works. This all adds up to a good culture. If none of the results were true, there would be a LOT of bad reviews.  There are a few bad reviews, mostly from the same handful of people who make sweeping general statements.
  5. 60% of members use the product for lead generation.
    • I LOVE THIS. Most of our members use the lead generation strategies and tools outlined in TW3 to generate their own leads. They continue to use the software and don’t even participate in the live training sessions on how to sell the TW3 packages. Because they don’t have to. They are making money generating leads for themselves.
  6. 83% Retention Rate. 
    • Need I say more? If everything in TW3 is fake and a scam, why would people continue to use it? Duh.
  7. The owner trains hands-on and you can talk to him directly.
    • 11 years of hands-on training every week, recorded and stored in the back office archives. Need extra help? The Plus and Elite packages include one-on-one training with Terry. I get email from Terry directly even when I don’t have an issue to resolve. Why would he take direct interest in my success if he was just scamming me? Because his success depends on the success of all his members.
  8. Annual Convention
    • Why would a scammer get a bunch of his happy clients together for a convention that they happily pay for? Because it’s not a scam!
  9. Eleven years in business, no name change.
    • Changing up an online name is pretty common for scams, because it’s harder to tie negative reviews to a different name. Having the same name for the company for over a decade is a STATEMENT of INTENT, not the actions of a scammer.
  10. 90 Day Money Made Guarantee
    • If you don’t make money selling TW3 within 90 days, despite following the 6-step training available in the back and actually putting in the work, Terry waives the monthly admin fee and even arranges for hourly work until you can make money and you’re up to speed with TW3. No one’s ever had to take Terry up on that offer, but it’s there.

Of course, every person should research and conduct their own due diligence, in order to decide if TW3 is a good fit for them. It won’t be for most people, but that’s because they aren’t a good fit, not because TW3 doesn’t work.

That’s the 11th point – you can’t be a scammer if you want to use TW3. Why? The positive nature of the company and all its members will push you out. The first thing I would check about someone who claims TW3 is a scam, is what are they hiding about themselves? I put down $10 that it’s something non-kosher.

Need more information about real scams and frauds? Visit the government’s site (seems legit) at this site

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